Friday, August 14, 2009

V.O.B - Kicks: Topman Vs Creative Recreation

Did you catch the new Topman footwear leak this week? It features a sneaker that looks strangely similar to aCreative Recreation Dicoco Hi. Hmmm. Topman, we love you, but come on, this is not fair. You can’t just copy a sneaker and put it on sale for cheap. Creative Rec has a brand identity, and while they might not be big enough to come at you with a team of snarling lawyers, that doesn’t mean you can go in and take its designs.

All sneaker companies get ripped off (ever see fake AF1s in the hood?), but when a big company does it, it just looks bad. Hit the jump for other brands who have produced strangely similar kicks to Creative Rec. Yup, I see you…



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