Thursday, August 20, 2009

V.O.B. - Concepts: bruketa & zinic: good ideas glow in the dark

despite the global economic crisis, adris group - comprised of two strategic business units:
tobacco and tourism - had a successful business year 2008, so they wanted to show it off
with their annual report.

following the notion that good ideas can light up a path in a time of crisis,
croatian creative agency
bruketa & zinić designed an annual report for the company,
based on the thought that ideas are energy. they emerge in a moment and spread at the speed
of thoughts with people moving through them, developing these thoughts and passing them along
from person to person until their radiance is powerful enough to make a change.

adris group has more than 3000 of these metaphoric lights - its employees, all of them
contributing and trying to come up with ideas which can improve the business and the world.
it is when they are all working towards a similar goal that the power of their ideas can break
through difficult times. that is why bruketa & zinić have designed adris group's annual report
so that it glows in the dark - charged by over 3000 good ideas.

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