Monday, August 31, 2009

V.O.B. - Architecture: LAVA wins first prize for masdar - world's first sustainable city in UAE

giant umbrellas, with a design based on the principles of sunflowers, will provide
moveable shade in the day, store heat, then close and release the heat at night in
the plaza of a new eco-city in the united arab emirates.

the ‘sunflower umbrellas’ are one aspect of the winning design by the international
laboratory for visionary architecture (LAVA) for the city centre for masdar
in the UAE - the world’s first zero carbon, zero waste city powered entirely by renewable
energy sources.

masdar is a planned city located 17 kilometres from abu dhabi. a government initiative,
the city is being constructed over seven phases and is due to be completed by 2016.

the city centre includes a plaza, five-star hotel, long stay hotel, a convention centre
and entertainment complex and retail facilities.


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