Monday, September 28, 2009

V.O.B. - Architecture: Songzhuang Artist Residence / DnA

Architects: DnA
Location: Songzhuang town,Tongzhou distant,Beijing, China
Architect in Charge: Tiantian Xu
Program: Residence/art studios
Client: Private
Design year: 2007-2008
Construction year: 2008-2009
Site area: 1,400 sqm
Building area: 5,300 sqm
Photographs: Savoye/Ruogu Zhou, Iwan Baan

Located in Tong Zhou District, eastern outskirts of Beijing, Songzhuang is the most famous and biggest artist community in China. The first artists moved here including Yue Minjun and Fang Lijun,in the early 1990’s, having been driven out of another community near the Old Summer Palace in Beijing’s north-west. For more than 10 years these artists were virtual outcasts with much of their work politically inspired, lived and worked under the watchful eye of communist authorities. With the booming of Chinese art market, Songzhuang is undergoing a dramatic expansion of artist population which has reached to 4000 in year 2008.

In past years, with the dramatic increase of artist population and demand of artist’s working and living space, many constructions were undergoing in Songzhuang village. A 20-units artist residence facing a fishpond at a former outdoor storage lot is one of the local development targeting such demand.

Such a complex reflects an alternative living and working pattern: artists live in their studios, not necessarily working but also hanging out with fellows. Studio or working space is their living room as well as salon and showing space. On the other hand, they also invent outdoor space for different activities and art performance.The programmatic requirement of working and living defines the height and geometry of both volumes: 6 metres height for working and 3 metres height for living; a simple rectangular box for studio and a complex geometry for living indicating bedroom, kitchen and toilet. Living volume is plugged into the working volume either on the same level or led by a stair to an upper level. The exterior is clad in dark grey concrete and coated in orange for horizontal surfaces which is used to reflect both the industrial and village character.

The twenty units on this site are organized to be seen as stacking containers, as a homage to the sites previous use as a former industrial outdoor storage lot. This creates an expressive configuration and unique spatial quality with a series of accidental spaces as blank canvas for artists to fill up with activities. The interplay of volume and void, light and shadow, is a catalyst to allow artists and visitors to constantly explore and experiment in the outdoor community space.

In other words, this complex becomes an alternative museum for living art creation and exhibitions.

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V.O.B. - Interior Design: Strukt Design Studio

strukt design studio created this digital wallpaper for an office space in vienna using only a wall and
digital projectors. the studio was given creative freedom on the project and developed a system to
project video and other content onto the walls completely undistorted. using scripting software and
projectors, the imagery can be scaled to any architectural surface, projecting on a flat wall or intricately
detailed façade. this particular installation already had a black and white strip pattern, so the designs
experimented with that. in addition to the simple coloured bands they also developed a pacman
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Hirzberger Events - Digital Wallpaper from Gregor Hofbauer on Vimeo.

V.O.B. - Art: ferrari F1 car made from puma clothing

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worked with the puma retail team to make a ferrari formula one car using puma motorsport clothing.
you can see how the installation at the carnaby street store in london was put together in the video below.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

V.O.B. - Interior Design: Facebook Headquaters

With the ongoing success the site is seeing, it is no surprise that Facebook has ‘upgraded’ it’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California this summer. Formerly a lab facility, the massive 150,000 square foot space has been transformed to reflect the company’s core values: creativity, freedom of expression and individuality. The design team at Studio O+A conceived a vibrant, fresh, hip space that is also very green: from restored millwork from the original lab, to high-recycle content carpeting to using repurposed industrial components throughout. The space is very modern and dynamic, just what you’d expect from a company like Facebook. Ironically, employees are even encouraged to write on their walls. More images after the jump.

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V.O.B. - Fashion: Fred Perry British Millerain

Outside of their classic polo, the harrington jacket is one of the silhouettes Fred Perry is most recognized for. It’s been issued in a myriad of fabrics and shades through the brand itself and collaborations. Here they have flipped the classic design by constructing it from British Millerain waxed cotton. Definitely one of the hottest trends for the fall and winter, waxed cotton provides both extra weather protection and sleek looks. In addition, this shooting jacket includes some unique details like a diamond quilted shoulder patch, a snap zip cover, a plaid interior lining, and is finished in a wren brown that is not unlike a deep chocolate. It’s a classic design married to a new form.

Available here.

V.O.B. - Fashion: Nom de Guerre’s fall/winter collection, “Third Generation”

Nom de Guerre’s fall/winter collection, “Third Generation”, draws inspiration from the Eastern Block and Sherpa expeditions. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their N2 Rubberized jacket, which is available in both black and grey. Somewhere between a parka and a bomber, it’s cut short with an elastic waist and cuffs, a drawstring split hood, and a zip close with button placket. The rubberized texture on the outside is made to weather and crack, lending it a quick vintage look. This jacket goes hard.

Available here and here.

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V.O.B. - Fashion: Penfield x The Reed Space Rockford Jacket

V.O.B. - Art: Jon One legal whole car

Recently Jon One 156 and a few other writers were invited by the French authorities to paint some whole cars to launch a new train service and of course Jon and the others took the task and the cash to do it. It is a bizarre and astonishing twist in the relationship between the authorities and writers but one that I welcome. What better thing to happen than for writers to paid and celebrated for their train work than thrown in jail or buffed. As Jon put it, “Only in Europe…Maybe NYC will pay homage to the old school one day…”
Among the other writers that got down with this project were Sozy One, Zedz, and Nunca.

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V.O.B. - Bikes: Kalavinka x adidas Originals

Japanese custom frame-makers Kalavinka are working together with adidas on an upcoming bike project. Seen here is both a custom frame and what looks like a Samba sneaker with a lace protector. Stay tuned for more details.

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V.O.B. - Fashion: Our Legacy 2009 Fall/Winter Collection

Our Legacy’s latest offerings from within the 2009 fall/winter range have hit select retailers. The brand’s penchant for minimalistic design and form are evident through a number of clean pieces. Tailored shirts can be seen alongside simple bottoms as well as some noteworthy pull-overs. Available now at Tres Bien Shop.

V.O.B. - Kicks - Debacle x Nike SB Blazer High

Nike has created a special version of the Blazer High to commemorate the most recent Nike SB skate movie Debacle. The shoe features a black suede upper with Debacle embroidered on the heel. The shoes were originally available at The Berrics but have now sold out.

V.O.B. - Kicks - Gourmet Nove 2010 Spring “Royal Lizard”

Gourmet preview their upcoming 2010 spring release, the Nove. Featuring a “royal lizard” upper based on a royal blue with texturized reptilian leather, the shoe’s clean silhouette is further enhanced by a Velcro strap. Available starting January of 2010.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

V.O.B. - Advertising: Complex Magazine: Clipse x KAWS 2009 October/November Issue

Following up on the interview earlier today, Complex unveils the first of three covers for their October/November issue, featuring the artwork of KAWS and Hip-Hop duo The Clipse, who are preparing to launch their third album, Till The Casket Drops. The magazine is set to hit newsstands nationwide on October 6th, 2009. Stay tuned for a closer look into the other covers in the coming days.

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V.O.B. - Fashion - Jeremy Scott Pop-Up Store at No.6 London Recap & Interview

Jeremy Scott enters his second season as a guest designer in adidas Originals’ “Originals by Originals” in the 2009 fall/winter season. To further compliment his collection, adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott have also opened up a pop-up store in London at No. 6 Newburg St for London Fashion Week. In an interview regarding the pop-up shop, Jeremy Scott speaks about the project as well as his involvement with adidas and his relationship with various celebrities including Kanye West.

The adidas Originals “ObyO” project is in its second season for AW09. The highly anticipated collection follows through from the huge success of the SS09 collection. It’s the very first season Jeremy is showing at London Fashion Week so for this occasion adidas has given over their boutique styled space “No6 Newburgh St” for an exclusive Jeremy Scott for ObyO Pop Up Store. Jeremy has worked with adidas Originals on the creative direction of the space and transformed it into a bespoke environment where the whole AW09 Jeremy Scott/ObyO product can be viewed and purchased.

No6 Newburgh St. originally opened in the Summer of 2004. The store has become a destination point for people seeking something slightly different. The store prides itself on correctly positioning adidas’ brand and products in a contemporary engaging way. Jeremy Scott for Originals by Originals Pop Up Store opened this past Saturday 19th September and runs through Monday 28th September 2009.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

V.O.B. - Advertising: Mini. 50 Years Of Cool

V.O.B. - Architecture: Youth Center and Sports complex in Saint-Cloud | KOZ Architects

This fun, colourful play house was designed by the paris based architects KOZ.Built in a wealthy community located in the metropolitan area of Paris, this 1,600 square-meter facilty definately stands out in the neighborhood.

V.O.B. - Photography: Photographer Basilio Silva

Basilio Silva is a Colombian photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started his career as a documentary photographer then he made the transition to fashion and advertising photography.Basilio along with Fashion Stylist/Producer Josefina Perez Larsen and Art Director Gaston Cardozo combined to create ESTUDIOMOD. Check out some his work below.

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