Wednesday, August 19, 2009

V.O.B. - Concepts: 45 Audio Station

For all the people who still love to use Vinyl like myself...Here is a neat and simple solution of how to organise your vinyls and be able to have your decks and mixer in the same place. the “45 Audio Station” by Chicago-based designer Christian Castro was name "45" for a specific reason, a dual meaning derived from the 45 record speed and the design’s resemblance to a handgun. The audio station is made of epoxy, concrete and steel, materials dictated by the design and a turntable’s operational requirement of no movement or vibration. The vertical element of the design is cast concrete connected to the horizontal element, which is made of molded foam. Both the vertical and horizontal elements are coated in glossy resin. The horizontal element is ridged and light, while the vertical element is heavy and immobile. The entire unit is bolted through the club floor.

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