Monday, August 24, 2009

V.O.B. - Architecture: Island house by IROJE KHM Architects in Kangwon-do, South Korea

Architect: HyoManKim, IROJE KHM Architects, Seoul
Location: GaPyeong, GyeongGi
Site area: 955 square meters
Building area: 337.33 square meters
Gross floor area: 728.02 square meters
Stories: Basement and Two Floors
Photo: Sergio Pironne // seen @ wallpaper
Year: 2008
Island House is built on the Han River in South Korea’s Kangwon-do prefecture. This stunning residential complex runs over an area of over 700 square meters. Some images of the Island House very much remind us of a vessel-like construction which reflects its image in the Han River. Designed by HyoManKim, of KHM Architects, Seoul this steel structure glass house is a great example of deconstructive architecture.
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