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V.O.B. - Kicks: Reebok Reaches Deep Into Their Heritage

As Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge helped the Boston Celtics to their 16th title in the mid-80’s, Reebok also entered into the world of basketball sneakers. With three simple models chosen as their initial launch, Reebok set foot in the competitive world of basketball sneakers. The simple silhouettes that were chosen were given an even more simple naming system, which merely abbreviated basketball to form BB followed by the model numbers to create the BB 4600, BB 5600 and the BB 6600. While Johnson, Ainge and other NBA players helped make the BB 4600 and BB 5600 popular, the BB 6600 seemed to fade like the Celtics did heading into the 90’s.

Although the BB 4600 and BB 5600 have seen a number of retro colorways over the years, the BB 6600 has been left in the darkness of the Reebok Classic vault. While some of the old school sneakerheads probably noticed the BB 6600 photos surface on the web earlier this year, it seemed as if the plan had been scrapped. However, one of the classic colorways of the BB 6600 has started to arrive at retailers like Flauge. The combination of White, Awesome Blue (yes, that’s the official name) and Red could not be more well placed on the BB 6600, as the shoes roots also tie into an era when patriotism (or at least the displaying of) was at possibly an all time high. For many this may look like another retro that will collect dust at the outlets, but for some the heritage aspects will be easily worth the purchase price.

words_Nick Engvall

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Reebok BB 6600 Hi RetroReebok BB 6600 Hi RetroReebok BB 6600 Hi Retro

V.O.B. - Sports: Adidas Basketball 2010: Lesson In Style ad

To start 2010 afresh and play an ode to personal style and creativity which had been so highly celebrated in 2009, adidas Basketball got Kevin Garnett and Derrick Rose to give all a lesson in style. KG and D. Rose talk about their favorite kicks and how to wear them– high tops, low reds, fat laces, no laces (for KG and he was going to call himself Invisible), tongue sticking out…The video is chocked with cool graphics and tips to help all not only score on the court, but also ball off the court. Enjoy the video filled with silly shoe banter between KG and D. Rose, and check how you are going to rock your kicks in 2010.

V.O.B. - Sports: Adidas Skateboarding Frisco Stand Up Video

Rad Collector links up this adi Skate gem by skateboard filmer and photographer Dan Wolfe. “As part of some updates to their site, adidas Skateboarding has dropped this sick new clip, “Frisco Stand Up.” Reconfirming both the fact that SF is skate paradise and adidas has one of the sickest teams out there, the video leaves one fact with the ability to elude complete understanding, how is the Gonz still so rad?”

V.O.B. - Art: Banksy In Graffiti War With Fellow Street Artist Robbo

banksy's painting of a workman defacing fellow street artist robbo's 24-year-old mural
image courtesy the mammal

banksy's latest handiwork has him on the street.
the notorious street artist from bristol has gotten himself into a graffiti war, after painting
over a 24-year-old mural done by fellow street artist robbo, in 1985. the artwork,
located beneath a bridge over regent's canal, had remained untouched until now.

banksy's painting of a workman in overalls pasting graffiti covered wall paper on
a grey wall, defaces robbo's original mural. a few days later, on christmas, robbo retaliated
by spraying over banksy's painting of the workman with 3 ft high silver letters spelling out
'king robbo'.

the happening has sparked a war of words on flickr, where robbo and fellow artists from
around britain have expressed a disgust for banksy's act of disrespect.

image courtesy of banksy

robbo's original mural painted in 1985

king robbo's retaliation - obliterating banksy's work with 3ft high silver letters spelling out his name
image via robbo wrh pfb wd

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

V.O.B. - Music: Marvin Gaye - I Want You (Beautiful Album)


V.O.B. - Music: Amerie feat. Fabolous - More Than Love


V.O.B. - Fashion: Adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

adidas originals jeremy scott 2010 spring summer 1 adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

With its Spring/Summer 2010 collection, adidas Originals by Originals (ObyO) ties in with two groundbreaking seasons and continues with a consistent line-up of partners who each stand for their own unique and versatile style. Fashion’s wild child Jeremy Scott returns with the acclaimed glamour and opulence from his first two collections for ObyO. The spring/summer 2010 range again includes re-interpretations on some of the most beloved adidas products as well as completely new designs. Inspired by rockstars, highlight pieces come with lots of rhinestones, fringes and prints. The popular JS Wings are also back in two new colors and materials – a rainbow reflective synthetic upper and a white patent version with golden highlights. Two new stand-out silhouettes are the JS Rockstar made out of genuine leather in a metallic tone, set off with rhinestones over the whole shoe, and the JS 3 Tongue Lo, a hybrid between a loafer and a sneaker featuring a perforated flip-over tongue with tassels in three distinct layers.

Products will be available in select boutiques and fashion stores from February 1st 2010, followed by a second launch in Originals stores on March 15th, 2010.

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V.O.B. - Concept: Nike Air Max Sculpture by Benedict Radcliffe

nike air max sculpture benedict radcliffe 1 Nike Air Max Sculpture by Benedict Radcliffe

Spotted during the Dizzee Rascal Air Max 90 launch at Nike Sportswear’s 1948 space was this enormous sculpture by UK artist Benedict Radcliffe. Commissioned by Nike, Radcliffe reworked his usual bicycle/vehicle designs into a full-scale Air Max wire piece, measuring at 3.5 meters long and perfectly reflecting the classic Air Max silhouette. Sneaker Freaker recently sat down with the artist to speak about his amazing works of art. The interview can be read here.

nike air max sculpture benedict radcliffe 2 Nike Air Max Sculpture by Benedict Radcliffe

nike air max sculpture benedict radcliffe 3 Nike Air Max Sculpture by Benedict Radcliffe

V.O.B. - Advertising: V.O.B. - Advertising,

Thursday, December 24, 2009

V.O.B. - Technology: PS3 GOLD...WOAH!!! THIS IS COOL

V.O.B. - Architecture: Santambrogiomilano’s Glass Work

Santambrogiomilano: SimplicitySantambrogiomilano: Simplicity
Having just launched in the UK with their showroom on London’s Great Portland Street, Santambrogiomilano look set to become a staple in the work of high-end interior designers and architects. A collaboration with founder Carlo Santambrogio and designer Ennio Arosio, their ‘Simplicity’ range features a series of iconic furniture pieces, beds, sofas and bookcases, along with architectural elements such as staircases and kitchens, all fashioned from ‘extraclear’ glass, that are elegant and distinctive, whilst perfectly complimenting their surroundings. The beauty of their work is perfectly showcased in their awe-inspiring concept home that the company are currently seeking a permanent location for…. whilst we may have one or two reservations about privacy, the idea of lying in bed watching the night sky is remarkably alluring.

Santambrogiomilano: Simplicity
Santambrogiomilano: Simplicity
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V.O.B. - Kicks: Nike Air Flytop ST


V.O.B. - Kicks: Nike Delta Force High AC


nike delta force high ac sneakers 1 Nike Delta Force High AC

nike delta force high ac sneakers 2 Nike Delta Force High AC

V.O.B. - Architecture: foster and partners: dream hub yongsan IBD masterplan - sam-taeguk

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foster + partners masterplan - sam-taeguk
all images courtesy of dream hub

the aim of foster + partners' proposal for the 'dream hub' yongsan IBD masterplan development
was to transform this area of seoul, korea from a large railway goods yard to a new exciting metropolis.
the current site is predominantly inaccessible, so foster + partners wanted to resolve this by
creating a new heart for the city, but also reach out to its surroundings through three architectural
arcs based on the sam-taeguk - an icon derived from the taoist idea of ying and yang.

as expressed by the design brief, the main focal point of the hub are the landmark towers which
form the sam-taeguk. known as the 'helixia', the three spiraling towers will give new focus
and meaning to yongsan by connecting three diverse areas together: the yongsan station,
the river han and the yongsan electronics district. as visitors move around these grand crescents,
they will experience a variety of spaces with winding ramps and lifts connecting at a multitude of levels.

this spiraling geometry is reminiscent of the cosmos, with yongsan at the birthplace of it all -
a new global destination. helixia will be the centre of electricity and interaction, surrounded by twisting,
rising buildings reaching upwards toward the sky.

view of the ground level which includes commercial and residential developments

the 'helixia' formed by three spiraling towers

aerial view

aerial view

aerial view

overall context of the masterplan

relationship between the landmark towers

interior of one of the towers

profile of the grand crescents

view of the public and cultural buildings

aerial illustration of the plan for the grand crescents

illustration of masterplan


technical plans of the helixia
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