Wednesday, October 28, 2009

V.O.B. - Architecture: Puma Spinstar by TCH

Our consulting arm, TCH Platinum specializes in developing ideas for brands, new ways of showcasing their products, and to come up with event ideas, property development concepts, packaging designs, hotel/spa ideas, TV commercials etc.

Sometimes we take the initiative ourselves and pitch ideas to brands that we like. We are currently working on an idea for Puma that we call SPINSTAR, that aligns well with the brand image. It is a touring program that aims to find participants who can last the longest in a spin class with Puma as the backdrop. Participants would be offered a free pair of Puma sneakers and workout gear once they pass 2 hours (most spin classes run for 45 minutes). The winners of each session (which can last up to 8 hours) will receive the Puma bike and would then be all invited to the final competition where the winner of the longest spin-class is crowned Puma SPINSTAR and receives $25,000 cash along with $10,000 worth of Puma gear.
Other TCH Platinum initiatives include Treelife — a world-first sustainable event featuring 100 of the world’s most creative architects/designers creating 100 super-cool eco treehouses.

A Pop-up skate park for a high energy drink brand is another TCH Platinum concept, as are our Mini Cooper car wraps and our ideas for a new Virgin Atlantic plane.

Next, we will be creating a high-end space for McDonalds to launch at fashion week, and taking everyone’s favourite brand, Apple, and turning it into a hotel.

Puma renderings by Dobson White

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V.O.B. - Music - Bobby Brown Live Performance.......Brilliant

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

V.O.B. - Music: Blackstreet Live

Had to put up this old school slow jam...with the classic Blackstreet.....

Monday, October 26, 2009

V.O.B. - Art: sou fujimoto: transparent lexus LF-A

he full-size transparent sculpture of the lexus LF-A was constructed by japanese architect sou fujimoto.
first exhibited at milan design week 09, it is currently on show at the tokyo motor show 09.
the piece of art which is priced at 5, 000 is made from transparent acrylic boards
that have been sanded and polished. all components of the car such as the instrument panel,
engine, interior seating etc., is all visible.


V.O.B. - Motion Graphics: It's on Me for We

V.O.B. - Fashion: Klattermusen 2009 October New Releases

Building off its principles of sustainability, Swedish design company Klattermusen continues its ecological offerings with a new set of outerwear pieces. A Hild jacket, Idun jacket tee, and Bore vest comprise Klattermusen’s October releases, all following a general theme with down features and a black/red color scheme. Available via honeyee.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

V.O.B. - Fasion: uniform experiment STUDS STADIUM / STADIUM Jacket

uniform experiment release not one but two different stadium jacket versions this season. Taking the chance to switch up the color choices we are met with some nice colorways on the quintessential STADIUM jacket while the STUDS STADIUM jacket is distinguished by a line of studs up the length of the sleeve. Each style comes in three colors and will release on October 24th, 2009 at select uniform experiment dealers.

V.O.B. - Fashion: ROC STAR 2009 October New Releases

Following up their interesting lookbook for next year’s Spring/Summer program, the fellas at ROC STAR release a new batch of goods from their current season, which reflects more of a traditional style as opposed the the upcoming unorthodox designs. The drop for October includes ROC STAR’s ID jacket, TDK crew neck sweater, Grand Prix jacket, and various accessories including belts and a backpack. All are now live via Choiceisyours.

V.O.B. - Fashion: Topman LTD Collection

As various retailers begin to focus on higher end contemporary styles, Topman expand its designs with a new LTD Collection. Best stated by its Design Director, “With a simple paired down aesthetic these are familiar pieces within main range but have a more discreet style and subsequent fashion longevity… designed as complete collections with distinct themes throughout the season…”, the collection boasts simple, versatile styles. Topman’s LTD Collection is now available via the retailer’s online store.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

V.O.B. - Music: Talib kweli & Hi tek - Love Language (Feat. Les Nubi - Refle

Monday, October 19, 2009

V.O.B. - Architecture: Namba Parks / The Jerde Partnership

The Jerde Partnership’s Namba Parks, in Osaka, Japan, was just named one of the winners of the Urban Land Institute’s 2009 Awards of Excellence: Asia Pacific competition. When asked to create a gateway to redefine Osaka’s identity, the architects responded with this project that would become a natural intervention in Osaka’s dense and harsh urban condition. The rooftop park offers a sloping park plane that is “bifurcated by a sinuous, open-air ‘canyon’ path that reinforces the connection with nature while forming the primary circulation pattern.”
Running alongside a 30-storey office tower and a 46-storey residential tower, Namba Parks creates a dynamic rooftop space, while providing a commercial center on the lower levels. The structure gradually ascends eight levels as it flows past several city blocks. Since the park starts at street level and gently rises, large numbers of people are attracted to the trees and water features evident on the park plane. As people travel through the park, outdoor terraces and quiet pockets of greenery provide spaces to dine or relax.“Namba Parks creates a new natural experience for Osaka that celebrates the interaction of people, culture and recreation,” explained the architects. The project exemplifies the Green Transit-Oriented Development, where economic performance and quality green design emerge as a single objective.
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Garbagebags and cardboxes are cheap, beautiful, offer a lot of space, are always available, quickly to process, work without electricity and are actually ment for other purposes. Maybe that`s why they trigger my association and by that, develop a special charm, aesthetic and meaning to me..

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

V.O.B. - Kicks: Nike Holiday 2009 Black/Black RT1

The high top Nike RT1 comes as part of the brand’s Holiday 2009 collection in a new all black colorway. The upper is made of premium black leathers and the both the mid- and outer-sole also come in black, resulting in an overall clean and classic looking sneaker. It is now available at Proper.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

V.O.B. - Kicks: Reebok x colette Pump

Parisian boutique colette celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the iconic Reebok Pump with their own limited colorway. La MJC participated on the design, utilizing a grey jersey fabric, accented with colette blue and speckled laces. These are limited to only 30 pairs and will be released on November 20, 2009 only at colette.

Reebok has also worked on exclusive Pump styles with 19 of the other most influential retailers in the world including Undefeated, Huf, Commonwealth, Solebox, Hanon, Patta, Juice and more. We look forward to showing you each one as they are revealed!

V.O.B - Fashion: Triumvir 2009 Fall/Winter “Blind Faith & Hell Is For Heroes” Collections

Mixing its strong influences of history that have accented past collections with a variety of films and animated features, Triumvir has created a post-apocalyptic world where the old fuses with the new. Entitled “Blind Faith”, the Fall Collection references to the Roman Civil Wars era of Constantine the Great, who adorned, for reasons disputed by scholars, symbols of Christ (Chi-Roh or Labarum) upon his warriors’ shields, standards, and later his own helmet. Fictional works referenced by Triumvir, including Fist of the North Star and Mad Max, are set during times of chaos and anarchy where law and order are subjective and the cruel reign over the weak.

This sets ground for the Winter Collection, “Hell is for Heroes”, which also focuses on the Knights Hospitallers– a Christian military order during the time of the Crusades. Through clothes designed for the protagonist (Blind Faith) and the antagonist (Hell is For Heroes), Triumvir tells an epic tale of two male characters, who live in an abstract world that is a blend of all these. With both of these new lineups, Triumvir moves its production of Cut & Sew back to the United States for better quality control, while also implementing a minor adjustment to the t-shirt program by switching over to a slimmer fitting cut. “Blind Faith” looks to drop Friday, October 16th while “Hell is for Heroes” drops on Friday, November 13th, 2009.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

V.O.B. - Architecture: UN Memorial / ACME

London-based architecture firm ACME was awarded third prize in a recent competition to design a United Nations memorial. Initiated by the city of Chungju in South Korea, the selected memorial will rest in the city’s UN Peace Park. ACME’s proposal is comprised of a 1,500 seating assembly, two conference halls, a theater and exhibition spaces. The organization of the memorial is metaphorically modeled similarly to the United Nations, where many parts make up the whole.Similar to how the UN is formed by individual nations, the memorial entails a cube comprised of smaller “cells.” These cells, which are meant to represent the “collective nature of the UN’s identity” fuse together to create the final shape. Each piece functions differently as some provide exhibition space and others function as offices and restaurants. ACME explained that the “memorial should represent the nature of the United Nations, where many individual nations come together to create one entity, but without losing their individual identities.”

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Monday, October 12, 2009

V.O.B. - Fashion: adidas Originals by Originals X Neighbourhood - Waterproof Peacoat

Straight from Kaizuki Kuraishi’s adidas Originals by Originals collaboration with Japanese label, Neighbourhood, comes this great navy waterproof peacoat that tops the classic naval silhouette with a modern design twist. With a waterproof yet breathable Diaplex construction, the design of the coat is kept fresh and updated with white zipper pocket enclosures, anchor button details and the adidas X Neighbourhood logo on collar and sleeve. The peacoat is only available in a highly limited run at End Clothing, so be quick to get a great new coat for this season.

> adidas Originals by Originals

> Neighbourhood

V.O.B. - Fashion: Nano universe x Penfield Vests

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nano・universe and Penfield join forces on a small series of vests. Included are a tartan version as well as a checkered flannel style. The nano・universe x Penfield Vests are available now at select nano・universe dealers across Japan include the Shibuya location and Nagoya Parco.

V.O.B. - Architecture: Hye Ro Hun / IROJE KHM Architects

Architect: HyoMan Kim – IROJE KHM Architects
Location: Gwangju, Jeonnanam-do, Korea
Design team: SuMi Jung
Site area: 594 sqm
Bldg. area: 168.63 sqm
Gross floor area: 269.07 sqm
Photographer: JongOh Kim

The house in urban nature

This site is located in borderline between city and mountain. The view of the front side that is the east-side is clearing up, so the urban landscape of downtown Gwangju is seen. There are mountains by the rear-side as a nature and view.

Dramatic access way from gate to entrance

By opening transparent gate door, it starts to begin access into the house, along the long walkway where looks like architectural canyon.

After the penetration through under space of the upper bridge-corridor, it comes to reach the inner court that is attached to entrance.

Two boxes on floating land

Two wooden boxes which are consisted of duplex room are laid on landscaped architectural mass which contain living room and dining room. The one box contains master bed and study room and another box is consisted of two bedrooms and study rooms for two daughters.

Floating garden over the living room

- Special Space and Light of ‘Box inside Box’

Over the living room where has dynamic space in 9M high, double height master bed-mass with bamboo garden is floating…Through the top light of the roof, moving sunlight vary the atmosphere of the inside space of living room all day long.

Floating roads

Horizontal or vertical ways which are indoor or outdoor, all the ways inside of this house circulate itself continuosly each other with the dramatic sequence of the various space.

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