Tuesday, August 18, 2009

V.O.B. - Illustration: MAD TOY DESIGN

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, artist MAD (Jeremy Madl) earned a BFA in Toy Design in 2000 and has quickly become one of the freshest think tanks out there today. Working with clients such as Mattel, YUM Brands, Pepsi, and the NFL on a variety of projects ranging from promotions and packaging to character design, MAD has been able to utilize his toy design skills to take on anything a client may need creatively.

For the past six years, MAD has worked non-stop on his own licensed toy lines and brands under the MAD Toy Design label. His first licensed figure line, MAD*L™, is currently one of the hottest brands on the market and continues to fly off shelves globally with each new release. With toys, tees, prints, and various other products in development, MAD is always looking into new media outlets to express himself.

Additionally, MAD has been in a handful of shows and contests, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that push the design envelope to the next level. Expect to see a lot of new and innovative work from this up-and-coming artist in the years to come!



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