Wednesday, September 09, 2009

V.O.B. - Photography: Thom Kerr

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Living in the “slasher” generation (photographer/designer/model) has meant that many creative’s are fortunate to mix their various pursuits together. Thom Kerr is best known as a fashion photographer however his diverse background showcases a true creative, unique thinker. One could go so far as to say his creative/business style is like that of Baz Luhrmann (create the concept, write, execute/photograph and produce).

His style has the polish of an art director, the creativity of a designer, the execution of a cinematographer and the freshness of an emerging artist. Having studied Fine Arts with a Film Degree in Brisbane, Australia, Thom initially began as a writer and director. Feeling a calling for the fashion industry, Thom began creating shoots by styling and art directing, however became increasingly frustrated with the lack of photographers who were able to articulate his “visions”. Thom began to learn how to shoot himself so he could control his concepts from start to finish in 2005.

Known as a “performer” with a “wicked sense of humor” Thom is a true eccentric, drawing new and upcoming artists toward him. His photography style is constantly evolving; “I master something then move on - it's very important to me that I develop a style that isn't just a replica of international photography. In Australia - we are a little scared of heading in new directions... “ he says. His thorough understanding of the entire production process has enabled Thom to have a diverse client base of editorial, advertising and fantasy work. Thom has worked in New York and LA for some time and exhibiting works in Japan, Italy, Australian and New Zealand. Editorial clients include; Oyster, Karen, Cream, Black, Poster and Kurv with Advertising clients like Wish Clothing, Lost Apparel, Warner Music, Caltex, Ivy League Records.


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