Thursday, September 10, 2009

V.O.B. - Cars: McLaren MP4-12C

For those who've been anxiously awaiting the replacement of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, last night was a very big night indeed. Not only did the new Mercedes SLS AMG leak out, but McLaren itself released full details of its new MP4-12C. We ran the info as soon as we could gather it along with an initial batch of images, and now we're back with more for your viewing and desktop-plastering pleasure. The design of McLaren's new supercar – its first independent road-car project since the legendary McLaren F1 – comes from the hand of one Frank Stephenson, the multi-national, American-educated designer responsible for the reborn Mini, BMW X5, Fiat 500 and countless Maseratis and Ferraris. His design of the MP4-12C is dominated by McLaren's tick logo, which figures large in the air vents all around the car as well as the LED lights. The shape is otherwise clean and streamlined, aided by the use of adaptive aerodynamics. The interior is accessed via signature McLaren forward-upward hinged doors, and though lamentably without the 1+2 configuration made famous by its precursor, envelops the driver and passenger in thin, molded bucket seats. The dashboard is dominated by a 7-inch multimedia display, and the Pre-Cog gear system is operated via paddles mounted on a rocker, allowing up and downshifts to be affected from either side, just like in McLaren's championship-winning grand prix cars. Check it all out in the high-resolution image gallery below, and stay tuned for video footage to follow shortly.

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