Sunday, September 13, 2009

V.O.B. - Architecture: Woods Bagot & nh Architecture: Melbourne Convention Centre

This summer, the new melbourne convention centre designed by woods bagot and nh architecture opened as the first convention centre with a 6 star green star environmental rating. the architects deliberately
created a non-tradition convention centre, one that is among the world’s most environmental. the structure
sits along the city’s yarra river and holds a strip of retail shops, cafes and restaurants on a long promenade.
the building also has a 5,000 seat plenary hall that can be divided into three self-contained rooms.
attached to the new structure are a luxury hotel, as well as an office and residential building. its illustrious
environmental credentials were achieved thanks to a number of green design initiatives. among them are
solar panels, a black-water recycling plant as well as lots of natural light and ventilation throughout the


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