Sunday, September 06, 2009

V.O.B. - Concepts: BMW: augmented reality to help with car repairs

BMW have developed a concept for augmented reality glasses, which assist mechanics in performing maintenance on the company’s cars. the glasses point out the part that needs replacing, the screws that need turning, while an audio track talks the mechanic through the steps of the repair.

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'in future, the real world is set to combine with the virtual at BMW service. BMW augmented reality creates this bridge and extends the real world by adding virtual information. we are planning to use this technology as a means to assist BMW service staff in their highly demanding technical work. using special data goggles and wireless access to a powerful computer, BMW mechanics have all the information at their disposal, precisely where they need it: in the workshop, at the vehicle.'

no details are available as to if or when this concept will be implemented by BMW but such a system for home mechanics or any kind of virtual instruction guide seems to hold potential.


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