Sunday, September 06, 2009

V.O.B. - Architecture: rafael vinoly architects: atlas building

located in wageningen, netherlands, the atlas building at wageningen university features a distinctive
lattice-like façade. the building is part of the university’s new campus on an agriculturally depleted field.
the building needed a distinctive look because it is located at the entrance to the new campus. inside,
the programming needed to provide research labs and office space with lots of flexibility, but the soil
research lab on the lower level is stagnant because of its specialized nature. special attention was paid to
the common spaces such as the sky-lit central atrium with criss-crossing circulation bridges. the unique
lattice work on the exterior is made from pre-cast concrete and serves as a structural exoskeleton to make
the interior almost column free.

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up_today_arch said...

Have this architect ever seen La Defense in Paris:)))...

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