Wednesday, September 22, 2010

V.O.B. - Technology: Etch A Sketch iPad Case

Here’s how to make some cash: Take one Etch A Sketch ($18), rip out its guts and call it an iPad case. Now, sell it for $39. You just made $21, and you still have a snuff of magnetic-dust left over.

This is what case-maker Headcase is up to, kinda. The Etch A Sketch iPad case is officially licensed from the Ohio Art Company, but it is made to fit the iPad, which is roughly an inch smaller than the Etch A Sketch in length and width, and half an inch thinner. You also get cutouts for the home button and the ambient light sensor (not that the sensor really works so well anyway).

There are more holes around the sides and underneath you’ll discover a pair of kickstands to make typing a little easier. Given that the white knobs on the front do nothing, taking this setup to the coffee-shop and getting some writing done is probably the most fun you can have with this toy. And it is a toy. Take another look at the back (click the thumbnail with the big Apple logo in it, below) and you’ll see it is just as veined and plasticky as any kids’ toy of today.

Still, it’s hard not to love it: It is an Etch A Sketch, after all.

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