Wednesday, September 15, 2010

V.O.B. - Advertising: Vessel Of Beauty Branding

I have truly refined the logo and the brand....
It has taken a while now but Vessel Of Beauty will soon be releasing their long awaited clothing line. Set to be released AUTUMN/WINTER 2011.....
Keep posted to Vessel Of Beauty with all the latest design articles coming through on the blog and be ready for the clothing.

FACEBOOK = Vessel Of Beauty...
FACEBOOK GROUP = Vessel Of Beauty...

The Official logo for the brand by Laith Wallace in association with Pixeloute Design Studio bringing all the creative news and reviews for those creative and inspired people. Fresh, Creative, Inspiration, Art, Music, Fashion are only some of the areas we focus on, check out vessel of beauty to keep up to date.

BLOG VIEWS = 18,000 +
Thank you for the support

Branding/Advertising: Pixeloute Design Studio


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