Monday, August 23, 2010

V.O.B. - Architecture: Jimmy Connors World Of Tennis Centre

Design : Foundation Architecture & Design Ltd

Design Concept
· Foundation were commissioned to create a bespoke iconic tennis stadium and training academy for the United Arab Emirates.
· The design had to be instantly recognisable as a world wide brand.
· We were inspired by the deconstructed form of a tennis ball and translated the shapes and forms of the dissected ball into the buildings. The distinctive curves of the seams are apparent in the roof lines of the buildings.
· The shells of the buildings float above a podium that enables sheltered movement between the facilities.
· Landscaping radiates from the buildings creating a sense of arrival and concourse.
Design Process
· We started by dissecting a real tennis ball.
· The forms were then modelled in Autodesk Maya and the scale of the shells altered to suit the proportions of a world class tennis stadium. We use computer modelling to test and develop the design ideas.
· Once the proportions were fixed, design drawings were created in Microstation and presentation visualisations were produced.

· The concept design has provided a success brand for The Jimmy Connors World of Tennis.

Jimmy Connors World of Tennis, Abu Dhabi images / information from Foundation Architecture & Design

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