Thursday, July 22, 2010

V.O.B. - Photography: Amazing sport photography

This Amazing sport photography just capture your eyes immensely and you can't help but stare. All credit due to the Photographers for capturing these scenes but you cannot forget the athletes also whose emotions are truly empathized in these images. I would love to capture some images like these also but it is truly great to see what can be captured sometimes but the use of a camera.

Source = Cruzine...

Obertsdorf by Fourooms & Studio PR

snowboarder going down the hill

snowboarder snowboading

snowboarder enjoying it

snowboarder turning in high speed

snowboarder jumping high

TYR Swimwear by Tim Tadder

swimmers at the start jumping into the pool

female swimmer releasing bubbles in the pool

female swimmers swimming crawl

female swimmers swimming crawl and turning

2009 Performance by Job Hall

swimmers warming up in the pool

swimmers standing and waiting on the pool side

female swimmer in red swimsuit swimming and just turning for the  next length

male swimmer swimming crawl close-up

Corbis Soccer Shoot by Tim Tadder

two soccer players jumping for a ball

goalkeeper making save

soccer player kicking from the air

soccer player celebrating after scoring

soccer player giving a header

soccer player hitting the ball from the air

Sports: Building Block to Performance by Mike Campau & Sam Robles

soccer player and cubes

volleyball player and cubes

tennis player and blocks / cubes

Climbing Rocks by Adam Sebastian West

mountaineer climbing a rock

another guy climbing a rock

mountaineer thinking how to continue when hanging on the rock

male climbing a steep rock

2009 TYR Triathlon Image Campaign by Job Hall

professional biker in winter practicing on his bike

male athlete running

athlete running in the forest

Surf Life by Chris Hannant

female surfer on the beach

surfer with his surf under water

female surfer on a wave

ATV/QUAD photos by Matej Toman

riding atv/quad

riding atv/quad - view from back

Boxers by Mike Campau

two black boxers back to back

Sports Advertisement Photographs by Joel Grimes

female beach volleyball player posing on the sand near the field

American football player screaming

black long jumper

black fighter resting after fight

American quarter-back playing

black basketball player posing

black basketball player playing ball

black athlete posing in blue shirt at night under artificial  light

black athlete leaning against the wall

female swimmer preparing for the start

black runner in motion

black American football player posing under the stairs

Muay-thai: Knee by Matous Jezek

Muay-thai: Knee

Muay-thai: Upper cut by Matous Jezek

Muay-thai: Upper cut

Beach Soccer B+W by Isac Goulart

guys playing beach soccer

Made to Move by Tepid Terrepene

surfer enjoying his ride on the water

Shuvit Nosegrind by Sutherland Boswell

skater in the skate part doing some tricks

Sollifjellet by Henri Käck

extreme skying

Chasing air in Verbier by SkiRebel Magazine

extreme snowboarder


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