Wednesday, July 14, 2010

V.O.B. - Architecture: Shanghai Apple Store / Bohlin Cywinski Jackson by Roy Zipstein

RoyZipstein_Apple_Shanghai01 © Roy Zipstein

© Roy Zipstein

As we reported earlier last week, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson’s newest Apple store (and China’s first!) opened on July 10. For the past five years, photographer Roy Zipstein has been documenting the stores, traveling to America, Europe, Asia and even Australia to highlight the artistry of the sleek structures. Similar to how it takes a certain kind of architect to manifest Apple’s aesthetic and technological philosophy in built-form, it takes a certain kind of photographer to capture that essence on film. Zipstein commented via Bernstein&Andriulli, “The Apple Stores are so beautifully designed, inside and out. It’s been very interesting to witness the design process evolve over the last few years, through the use of different materials such as glass, stainless steel and stone, and the evolving interpretation of the interior space. Having the architects present at some of these shoots and being able to exchange thoughts with them has been an added bonus for me.”

We’re excited to share Zipstein’s latest photographs from Shanghai! And, be sure to see our previous set of images thanks to Flicker user Lesh51.

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RoyZipstein_Apple_Shanghai05 © Roy Zipstein

© Roy Zipstein

RoyZipstein_Apple_Shanghai06 © Roy Zipstein

© Roy Zipstein

RoyZipstein_Apple_Shanghai04 © Roy Zipstein

© Roy Zipstein

RoyZipstein_Apple_Shanghai02 © Roy Zipstein

© Roy Zipstein

RoyZipstein_Apple_Shanghai14 © Roy Zipstein

© Roy Zipstein


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