Wednesday, December 30, 2009

V.O.B. - Kicks: Reebok Reaches Deep Into Their Heritage

As Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge helped the Boston Celtics to their 16th title in the mid-80’s, Reebok also entered into the world of basketball sneakers. With three simple models chosen as their initial launch, Reebok set foot in the competitive world of basketball sneakers. The simple silhouettes that were chosen were given an even more simple naming system, which merely abbreviated basketball to form BB followed by the model numbers to create the BB 4600, BB 5600 and the BB 6600. While Johnson, Ainge and other NBA players helped make the BB 4600 and BB 5600 popular, the BB 6600 seemed to fade like the Celtics did heading into the 90’s.

Although the BB 4600 and BB 5600 have seen a number of retro colorways over the years, the BB 6600 has been left in the darkness of the Reebok Classic vault. While some of the old school sneakerheads probably noticed the BB 6600 photos surface on the web earlier this year, it seemed as if the plan had been scrapped. However, one of the classic colorways of the BB 6600 has started to arrive at retailers like Flauge. The combination of White, Awesome Blue (yes, that’s the official name) and Red could not be more well placed on the BB 6600, as the shoes roots also tie into an era when patriotism (or at least the displaying of) was at possibly an all time high. For many this may look like another retro that will collect dust at the outlets, but for some the heritage aspects will be easily worth the purchase price.

words_Nick Engvall

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Reebok BB 6600 Hi RetroReebok BB 6600 Hi RetroReebok BB 6600 Hi Retro


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