Wednesday, December 30, 2009

V.O.B. - Art: Banksy In Graffiti War With Fellow Street Artist Robbo

banksy's painting of a workman defacing fellow street artist robbo's 24-year-old mural
image courtesy the mammal

banksy's latest handiwork has him on the street.
the notorious street artist from bristol has gotten himself into a graffiti war, after painting
over a 24-year-old mural done by fellow street artist robbo, in 1985. the artwork,
located beneath a bridge over regent's canal, had remained untouched until now.

banksy's painting of a workman in overalls pasting graffiti covered wall paper on
a grey wall, defaces robbo's original mural. a few days later, on christmas, robbo retaliated
by spraying over banksy's painting of the workman with 3 ft high silver letters spelling out
'king robbo'.

the happening has sparked a war of words on flickr, where robbo and fellow artists from
around britain have expressed a disgust for banksy's act of disrespect.

image courtesy of banksy

robbo's original mural painted in 1985

king robbo's retaliation - obliterating banksy's work with 3ft high silver letters spelling out his name
image via robbo wrh pfb wd

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