Thursday, December 24, 2009

V.O.B. - Architecture: Santambrogiomilano’s Glass Work

Santambrogiomilano: SimplicitySantambrogiomilano: Simplicity
Having just launched in the UK with their showroom on London’s Great Portland Street, Santambrogiomilano look set to become a staple in the work of high-end interior designers and architects. A collaboration with founder Carlo Santambrogio and designer Ennio Arosio, their ‘Simplicity’ range features a series of iconic furniture pieces, beds, sofas and bookcases, along with architectural elements such as staircases and kitchens, all fashioned from ‘extraclear’ glass, that are elegant and distinctive, whilst perfectly complimenting their surroundings. The beauty of their work is perfectly showcased in their awe-inspiring concept home that the company are currently seeking a permanent location for…. whilst we may have one or two reservations about privacy, the idea of lying in bed watching the night sky is remarkably alluring.

Santambrogiomilano: Simplicity
Santambrogiomilano: Simplicity
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up_today_arch said...

it is ideal idea, of course...:) what about cleaning of surfaces, roof, for example... But, I like this pure style. It is courage:) Good shouroom for glass capabilities.

Eric said...

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