Thursday, February 10, 2011

V.O.B. - Architecture: Jakob + Macfarlane: Orange Cube

'orange cube' by jakob + macfarlane architects in quai rambaud, lyon, france
all images courtesy jakob + macfarlane
image © roland halbe

image courtesy RBC

in context of the river and surrounding structures
image © roland halbe

Source: designboom.....

view of the void from an outdoor terrace space
image © roland halbe

roof top terrace
image © roland halbe

interior view of the design showroom
image © nicolas borel

featuring a double-height layout, the ground floor accommodates a design showroom. the display concept,
which was also created by jacob + macfarlane architects, was developed as an extrapolation of the 'orange cube's
architectural language. taking the treatment of the facade, a three-dimensional volume was generated for an
L-shaped wall that wraps around the space. sixty 'alvéoles' are used to display furniture pieces,
while the unit as a whole define the circulation of the floor.

display wall
image © nicolas borel

image © nicolas borel

image courtesy RBC

office floor
image © nicolas borel

images © nicolas borel

detail of light facade
image © nicolas borel

3D rendering of display wall units

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level +4


project info:

client: rhône saône développement
surface: 6,300 m2
commercial program: headquarters cardinal group
cultural program:
design showroom, RBC
cost consultant: michel forgue
electrical engineering: alto ingénierie
acoustic: avel acoustique
structure: RFR GO+
facade: T.E.S.S.


Integraphix, a Chicago Marketing Company said...

Wow. The elevation and axon are AMAZING. How people design like this architecturally is beyond me. I'm so 2D that this...just amazes me. Love the post.

Chicago Marketing Company

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