Sunday, March 28, 2010

V.O.B. - Fashion: Oliver Spencer Spring Coats

An essential piece in your wardrobe for this time of year is a light coat, preferably somewhat waterproof. Whether you happen to be looking for a tailored look or something more modern, British brand Oliver Spencer has some fantastic options that are sure to suit your needs. From one end of the spectrum you have the Short Mac Carlyle and Suffolk Jackets in Navy or Khaki. Both give you that classic belted trenchcoat look, with slim tailored silhouette. If you need something more modern and casual, the all new Quay Jacket is young and fresh looking alternative; the hooded jacket pulls on over your head with a half button placket with wooden buttons, and a cream herringbone lining and a drawcord around the hem with leather pulleys. Either way you go, the elegant aesthetic and exquisite craftsmanship blend the youthful exuberance of streetwear stylings, with the focus and attention to detail found on all your favorite timeless classics. Available here.


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