Friday, January 08, 2010

V.O.B. - Architecture: The Cloud

the cloud

the cloud is a concept design for a new form of observation deck created for the city of london.
the project was developed by a multi-disciplinary team that brings together designers and thinkers from
all over the world. the design is about ‘connecting visitors to both the whole of london and the whole of
the world, immersing them in euphoric gusts of weather and digital data’. while just a concept, the design
aims to be a monument for the upcoming olympics in 2012. the cloud proposes a new form of monument
that is both physical and digital. ‘the structure is comprised of a filigree central array of columns –
servicing as circulation systems dropping from the sky like the tendrils of a banyan tree system. each
individual footstep on the ascent to the cloud participates in a vast collective energy-harvesting effort’
that would power LED lights at the top of the design that can display images of messages.


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