Wednesday, October 28, 2009

V.O.B. - Architecture: Puma Spinstar by TCH

Our consulting arm, TCH Platinum specializes in developing ideas for brands, new ways of showcasing their products, and to come up with event ideas, property development concepts, packaging designs, hotel/spa ideas, TV commercials etc.

Sometimes we take the initiative ourselves and pitch ideas to brands that we like. We are currently working on an idea for Puma that we call SPINSTAR, that aligns well with the brand image. It is a touring program that aims to find participants who can last the longest in a spin class with Puma as the backdrop. Participants would be offered a free pair of Puma sneakers and workout gear once they pass 2 hours (most spin classes run for 45 minutes). The winners of each session (which can last up to 8 hours) will receive the Puma bike and would then be all invited to the final competition where the winner of the longest spin-class is crowned Puma SPINSTAR and receives $25,000 cash along with $10,000 worth of Puma gear.
Other TCH Platinum initiatives include Treelife — a world-first sustainable event featuring 100 of the world’s most creative architects/designers creating 100 super-cool eco treehouses.

A Pop-up skate park for a high energy drink brand is another TCH Platinum concept, as are our Mini Cooper car wraps and our ideas for a new Virgin Atlantic plane.

Next, we will be creating a high-end space for McDonalds to launch at fashion week, and taking everyone’s favourite brand, Apple, and turning it into a hotel.

Puma renderings by Dobson White

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